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Campus Ministry:

What is Campus Ministry?
The Campus Ministry is initiated and led by student-athletes and coaches on middle school, high school and college campuses. The programs of the Campus Ministry include Huddles (on campus clubs, youth clubs and churches), Team Bible Studies, Assembly Programs, Chapel Programs, TeamFCA Membership, One Way 2 Play – Drug Free! program and Special Events. 
If you are interested in starting, getting involved or learning more about our FCA Campus Ministry opportunities in your in Riverside County school contact our Director.

  • Prayer Focus – praying for God to prepare the campus
  • Need Oriented – identify the needs of each campus
  • Teamwork – Uniting with other co-laborers and ministries
  • FCA Staff meeting coaches and student-athletes where they are at
  • Understand Equal Access
  • Slow down and do it right – complete the proper FCA paperwork
  • Train and equip the Huddle Coaches and student leaders
  • Providing resources
  • FCA Leadership Camp for athletes and coaches – learning how to be a spiritual leader and a campus leader
  • Basic strategy – (1) at least one adult (Huddle Coach) working with the Huddle, (2) free or access of resources/tools for ministry. (An independent National Survey found that these two things are essential for effective campus ministry.)

FCA focuses on the campus for many reasons. FCA desires to continue to grow and expand so that we can reach more athletes for Christ for these reasons:

  • There are 56,000 secondary schools (middle and high school)  
  • 38,000 schools with 300 or more students
  • 50% of the 56,000 are rural schools
  • 99% of the population of your community will pass through these schools
  • More than 80% of youth who attend church will stop going between the 7th grade and 12th grade.
  • 29 million teenagers in public and secondary schools – 75% of them do not have faith in Christ
  • 83% of teens maintain that moral truth depends on circumstances.
  • Only 6% of teens believe that moral truth is absolute.

FCA Campus ministry is the largest Christian campus ministry in America. We serve thousands of adult volunteers who work hands on with the students. Often we say that significant ministry begins not when the FCA staff show up on campus, but when the staff leave. Our goal is to encourage, equip and empower volunteers so that we truly give the ministry away. Therefore, it is imperative that we provide training and structure for Huddle Coaches.

During our decades of campus ministry, we realize that there are several keys to FCA campus ministry: